The best at serving the west: Your full freight carrier for Oregon and Washington

With us, we aim to be punctual, professional and to always protect your freight

Oregon Trusted Carrier

Greenlight Program Participant

A Great West Safety Participant

About our Fleet

You have a schedule. Your products have to get to your customers on time in order for you to succeed. We know that and take that responsibility very seriously.
Our Fleet: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

At Child Truck Line we know the unexpected is going to occur. The question is how do we mitigate the effects of then unexpected and keep our drivers, and your loads, always moving to their destination. The answer: by providing our divers, and your loads, with updated and maintained equipment designed to keep everything moving.

  • 15 day cabs
  • 10 sleepers
  • 70-53'Dry Vans
  • 24/7 Mobile response team

Child Truck Line Team

Meet your Child Truck Line Staff
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Holly Wren

Operations Manager
Office: (360) 576-5161
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James Carroll

Office: (360) 576-5161
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Tony Quezada

Office: 360-573-5161 Fax: 360-546-1195
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Liz Peebles

Sales and Logistics Manager
Office: (360) 576-5161 Cell: (360) 261-2068
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Shawnee Phillips

Sales and Logistics Manager
Office: 360-576-5161 Fax: 360-546-1195
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George Dreger

Warehouse, Repack and Inventory Manager
Office: (360) 573-1775 Fax: (360) 573-2355
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Jay Stitzel

Warehouse Administrator
Office: 360-573-1775 Fax: 360-573-2355

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