Repack and Kitting

Your solution to repackaging and kitting projects in Portland metropolitan area

Bulk Beer Bottle Pallet

Our versatility allows us to tackle almost any job you may have. Whether it is going bulk to box or box to bulk we have the resources, and highly skilled hands, to make your project a reality.

From our great equipment that can erect up to an astounding 75 cases per minute to our gifted and experienced staff we can provide you with a world class product in world record time.

Interested in seeing what we goals we can accomplish for you? Contact our Repack Manager, or any of our staff, for more details on the jobs we can perform for you.

Greg Downs
Repack Lead
Office: (360) 573-1775
Cell: (360) 903-7196

James Carroll
Sales and Dispatch
Office: (360) 576-5161
Cell: (503) 267-1190

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