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Warehouse Revised

Child Logistics warehouse has quickly become a go-to asset in the storage and transportation industry. We offer some of the best technology to ensure that your products are always cared for with the utmost care. From our fleet of newer forklifts to our warehouse management system we are second to none when it comes to the storage and handling of your products.

We work extremely hard to provide you with the peace of mind that your products are being stored safely and securely. Our facility maintains a clean environment that is monitored by independent pest control companies and is also inspected by the State of Washington.

Some of the items we have invested in to save you time and money include:

·         Yale Forklifts with single/double attachments that cut loading and unloading times in half

·         Cascade Slip Sheet (Push/Pull) attachment for floor loaded containers

·         Warehouse Management System that can be molded to our needs

·         Warehouse Management System that can provide customers with 24/7 access to their product from most devices with an internet connection

holly (1)Notable warehouse facts:

·         Built in 2009

·         124,000+ ft² in total space

·         18 Dock doors (6 with levelers)

·         8 Grade Doors

·         Easy freeway access to I-205 and a quick drive to I-5 and I-84

·         State of Washington Certified Food Grade Warehouse

·         Monthly Pest Control Monitoring

Please give our friendly and courteous staff a call any time you need help. We are always here to give you a hand.
Warehouse April 2017

George Ledbury
Warehouse Manager
Office: (360) 573-1775
Cell: (503) 984-2069
[email protected]

Jay Stitzel
Warehouse Coordinator
Office: (360) 573-1775
Cell: (971) 352-5050
[email protected]

James Carroll
Office: (360) 576-5161
[email protected]


Regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us we’ll always be here for you.