Our Fleet: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Fleet Fast Facts

  • On-time delivery: 99.8%fleet
  • 15 Day cabs
  • 10 Sleepers
  • 70-53′ dry vans
  • Drivers: 20+
  • A full time maintenance staff
  • Full service shop
  • 24/7 mobile response team
  • An Oregon Trusted Carrier
  • A Greenlight Program Participant
  • A Stop Critical Crashes (The Great West Safety Program) Participant

You have a schedule. Your products have to get to your customers on time in order for you to succeed. We know that and take that responsibility very seriously.

At Child Truck Line we know the unexpected is going to occur. The question is how do we mitigate the effects of then unexpected and keep our drivers, and your loads, always moving to their destination. The answer: by providing our drivers, and your loads, with updated and maintained equipment designed to keep everything moving.

From newer trucks to a hands on maintenance staff we can assure you that we put in the time behind the scenes to ensure your needs we never let you down. It is the dirty work that we take pride in because we know that without it we cannot exceed your goals. From preventative maintenance, to scheduled maintenance to emergency maintenance we strive to put the best run fleet on the roads.

We do not believe in band-aiding a problem. Duct tape, zip ties and prayer may work for MacGyver but it will never work for us and our fleet. If we see a problem we will fix it. If we see a potential problem we will address it. Because we know the preventative measures we take today ensures your satisfaction tomorrow. And in the end, that is what we are striving, and driving, for.